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Spring Clean-Up

Spring clean-ups will begin when the snow has melted and the ground has thawed.  They will include removal of all fallen leaves, sticks and debris from your lawn and mulch beds.  Your lawn will be dethatched which is the process of loosening and removing the dead grass that has accumulated in your lawn.  De thatching also helps remove leaves and debris which may have become stuck in the grass roots.  This helps water and fertilizer reach the roots quicker and more efficiently so your lawn will be green and healthy.  Finally we will mow your lawn, leaving you with a completely groomed property. 


Fall Clean-Up

Fall clean-ups begin at the end of the mowing season (around the end of October), and continue through December.  A fall clean-up includes the removal of all leaves and debris from the lawn, mulch beds, driveways, and walk-ways.  Your lawn will be raked and mowed for the last time, leaving it looking clean for the winter months. 



Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are usually cleaned during fall clean-ups.  Having clean gutters allows for proper drainage from your roof.  Clogged gutters may freeze during winter months, causing roof leaks and gutter failure.  You can rest at ease knowing that a professional will safely accomplish this dangerous task. 



Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Weekly lawn maintenance will begin the first week of April and continued throughout the growing season until the end of October.  Lawn mowing will be preformed with professional equipment by trained and experienced employees.  Also included, will be weed-trimming around all landscaped beds and grass boundaries.  All grass clippings and debris will be blown off driveways and walkways after each cut.


Edging & Mulching

Edging and mulching will begin at the end of spring clean-ups around the end of April.  Edging is the process of cutting a clean edge along all mulch beds.  Proper edging is essential for keeping grass from growing into the mulch bed and for keeping mulch off the lawn.  Edging will be maintained with a string trimmer during weekly lawn maintenance.  Mulching is done once a year in the spring.  The benefits of mulching are far more than just the aesthetic appearances.  Proper mulching will help keep weeds from invading your gardens, allow trees and plants to conserve water and control soil temperature allowing for optimal growth.




This year we will offer bi-weekly or monthly weeding as apart of your landscaping maintenance.  This will include removal of all weeds from your mulch beds and will help keep your yard looking its best.  Please indicate how often you would like this service performed.




Pruning is the process of trimming and shaping bushes and trees so that they look their best.  Many bushes should only be pruned at certain times of the year.  By hiring a professional landscaper to do this job, you can insure that each bush will be pruned correctly to encourage new buds and flowers for each season to come. 




Aeration is one of the best things you can do for your lawn.  Compacted soil and heavy thatch are the two biggest obstacles to a beautiful lawn. They tend to suffocate grass by preventing air, water and nutrients from reaching the root zone.  This means your lawn looks less than satisfactory in spite of adequate fertilization and water.  Aeration opens up the thatch and helps relieve compaction.  It should be a regular part of your annual lawn maintenance program.



We also provide delivery of various materials including:
            *Fire Wood


Winter Services

Plowing: We will not only plow your driveway, but will also shovel your walkway, in front of garage doors, and make your mailbox accessible.  We monitor the weather closely and are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure you can safely and conveniently come and go from your home.

Salt Alternative: We also offer eco/pet friendly ice melting options for your walkway/driveway, contact us for more info.



Contact us for more information on fence work.

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